COMPOSER - PIANO TEACHER - JAZZ ENTHUSIAST I greet every day with joy, gratitude and enthusiasm, and I believe my purpose as a teacher is to inspire, to stir up and encourage this sort of attitudes and behaviours.  I graduated Bachelor and Master studies in Musical Composition at Gheorghe Dima Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca, where … Continue reading IOANA BOANCĂ

What happens in my piano class – THE UPGRADED VERSION

My piano class has remarkably evolved. I am now entering the fourth year of study with some of my students here in Bucharest. Things are getting serious and I'm doing my best to keep up with their needs and their wants. So I have designed a new format for my piano class starting this year … Continue reading What happens in my piano class – THE UPGRADED VERSION

The One Where They All Turn 30

Can we all agree there's an "expectation list" to check when you're 30? About marriage. When I was small I wanted to become a singer, a news anchor, a police woman, a lawyer and a fashion that order. My career goals seemed to drastically change as I grew up. But what I knew for … Continue reading The One Where They All Turn 30

Be Humane

I've been living in rented apartments since 2005. Up until now I've lived in 5 different places with very different apartment owners. Still there is one family, apartment owners, I will never forget. Today's post in MY PEOPLE features them. They decided to sell the apartment that I was living in, but they didn't kick … Continue reading Be Humane