Do Your Best

Every time we get ready for a piano recital, students feel the need to find a reason for preparing for it. Maybe I should prepare to show off my skills. Maybe I should prepare to avoid being laughed at if I make mistakes. Maybe I should prepare so that my parents see their money's worth.... Continue Reading →


Why I teach

I have given up a long time ago the intention of "creating excellent musicians". I have discovered that there are many ways through which music can help and enrich a child's life and mind. This is my list. I want my students to experience and practice discipline, disciplined behaviour, disciplined habits, so that later on... Continue Reading →

Teach More

When I was preparing to become a teacher, I thought for sure I was gonna be bad at it, because I didn't know how I could possibly connect with kids, I don't even know how to talk to them. I had friends that would automatically change their voice and their behaviour when they were talking... Continue Reading →

Teacher Struggles

Despite the popular belief, a teacher's struggles have nothing to do with teaching. We already know how to teach. We've studied years and years of psychology, pedagogy, class management and all the modern methods available out there to be fully prepared to teach and serve. Unfortunately we were never prepared for the real struggles. And... Continue Reading →


I only came across this term last year. We don't have a word for grit in Romanian. Not exactly. But as soon as I heard it, I knew that was the element that I've been trying to describe all these years when I was talking about myself and my journey. It's the against all odds,... Continue Reading →

Christmas Ideas for Your Piano Studio

These short winter days and the cold weather can suck the life out of anyone. I can't imagine being excited about practicing for the piano recital while dreaming of a white Christmas far far away from scales and chords, only with presents, cookies and the sweet pillow. That's why I came up with a few... Continue Reading →

Christmas Calendar

I prepared for my students a Christmas Calendars with cute Christmas prints created by Gina Maldonado and by Dotty Wren, prints I found on their Pinterest boards. Check out all their creations, they are awesome. Download the PFD's I created. They can be printed on both A3 and A4. christmas-calendar-maldonado christmas-calendar-wren

Piano practice & Time

It's very hard for me to be open minded and creative about piano practice time, because when I was small, practice was not measured in time, but in achieving a goal you set for yourself, like lightly reading a passage without mistakes and interruptions. Sometimes it took 5 minutes, sometimes an hour, tears and angry... Continue Reading →

When do you let your child give up on piano lessons?

There are many reasons why a child would think about quitting piano lessons. One of the reasons should be the difficulty. One other reason could be the fact that his parents have allowed him to think that quitting is an option. Ever. I am, myself, a very picky teacher. That's not the best trait, I... Continue Reading →

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