Listening – Day 35

My dear friends, this is the last link of my Listening series. Surely I will share music with you from time to time but not on a daily basis. Today's link is a prelude that has been stuck on my mind for the past few days. Thank you all for joining me on this classical... Continue Reading →


Listening – Day 34

The day before the last day from the Listening series. A perfect musical depiction of a struggle. Just an interesting piece to observe. Russian composers are so good! 🙂 SERGEI PROKOFIEV

Listening – Day 33

Soothing music today. If you haven't been convinced by Debussy before, maybe he'll convince you now. Have a great day, everyone! CLAUDE DEBUSSY

Listening – Day 32

Welcome back! Today you can choose to listen the piano version or the orchestrated version of a piece, or listen to both to compare and choose which one you like best. Have a beautiful day! MODEST MUSSORGSKY Orchestrated by Maurice Ravel

Listening – Day 31

Happy Monday, everyone! Happy to be alive! This is my last week from the Listening series. I wanted this to go as long as the Kindness Challenge goes, because I believe that music can change us and some of you agree with me. Thank you for visiting and listening with me these past...6 weeks? A... Continue Reading →

Listening – Day 30

Next week will be my last week of the listening series, I will make a special selection for that. Until then, please enjoy this awakening...and the weekend. 😀 EDVARD GRIEG

Listening – Day 29

Sensitivity and power displayed beautifully. Have a beautiful day! PIOTR ILICH TCHAIKOVSKY

Listening – Day 28

Back to Renaissance...theoretically speaking. Today we're listening a piece composed by one of the most controversial composers ever. Despite his many problems, his music is much too chromatic for that age, as you'll be able to hear and see. If you didn't know it's Renaissance you could easily confuse it with some modern choir. Fascinating!... Continue Reading →

Listening – Day 27

Have a lovely, Tuesday! Enjoy today's choir! WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART

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