I greet every day with joy, gratitude and enthusiasm, and I believe my purpose as a teacher is to inspire, to stir up and encourage this sort of attitudes and behaviours.

10887889_10152435656162084_2140518150_nI graduated Bachelor and Master studies in Musical Composition at Gheorghe Dima Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca, where I also studied two teaching modules: 1st Level and 2nd Level – Thoroughgoing Study, which qualifies me to teach children, teenagers and adults. I had the amazing opportunity to learn from some of Romania’s greatest contemporary composers, and to observe closely and assume their passion for music and for teaching.

In all my 9 years of experience I taught music, piano and choir in schools and high-schools, as well as in kindergartens, managing to adapt, to rethink and redefine my teaching style in order to create effective and interactive lessons for all ages.

Right now I am working on my own piano method for preschool children and I am personalizing a brand new student notebook.


  • There are so many approaches to studying a musical instrument, depending on the teacher, on his education and his experience.
  • The most well-known approach is the classical one: laying down a foundation of theoretical and practical knowledge, on which we build a large and diverse repertoire, covering all the stylistic periods suiting all ages (Baroque, Classicism, Romanticism, Modernism) through engaging the student and the parents in a laborious journey.
  • I constantly have to change and adapt my methods to suit my students’ practical needs and their parents’ requests, but there is one thing that never changes, in order to preserve the integrity of the educational process, and that is THE FOUNDATION. The initial intention will always be to establish the music sheet-eyes-finger-piano key connection.
  • For most of my students, studying piano is just one of their after school activities, next to swimming, tennis, ballet, dancing, etc. This is why I’ve always been and always will be receptive to the idea of maintaining a balance between the students’ play time and their individual study time.
  • Parents want their child to be challenged to access certain thinking processes that only music can access, but we also want to implement a sense of responsibility.
  • To this end, the student will always have practical and/or written homework from one week to another with specific indications and suggestions. Aside from unpredicted events, we are encouraging creating the study habit.
  • As for me, I always try to find new ways to connect with my students and keep the piano lessons interesting and fun, with the profound conviction that my work will most definitely transform and mould their personality and their character.
  • If we agree on these concepts and no other problems occur, you can be sure to find a long-term professional commitment once you’ve joined the inner circle.
  • To receive a full presentation of the piano lessons package with all the details included, contact me here: musicteacherlifestyle@yahoo.com .

[Bucharest, Romania]