Greetings from fascinating and underappreciated ROMANIA!

10887889_10152435656162084_2140518150_nI am Ioana: i-o-a-n-a. The Romanian version of Joanna or Johanna, [ee-w-ah-n-ah].

Passionate about music and teaching, hard worker and radical about high-standards regarding my work.

You’ll find in my blog that I am as funny and intelligent as I am sarcastic and spiritual. And as you can tell by now, I am also very modest.

One day I’m complaining about some profound injustice, other days I’ll inspire you to reach for the stars and, in between, I’m bragging about my awesome teaching skills. Join me, will you?

I prefer white wine over red, because, well…look at those teeth…

I love Christmas, which intrinsically means I love hand-making stuff and I’m occasionally brilliant at it too.

To get an even better feel of who I am, I’m sending you to my most scientific articlemy most inspiring and, I might add, life changing article, and, of course my most awkward article yet, if you don’t count this one.

I also have a few rude articles, but as you’ll get to learn, I’m a little rude all the time.
It’s my best and worst feature!


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