10 Healthy Habits

So when you hit 30 and already your back is killing you, your knees crack when you get up and stuff starts hurting with no apparent reason, you’re thinking it’s time for a change. You are nowhere near the end of your life and you can’t spend another 30 years with this situation going on or getting worse.

So here it is. My list of healthy habits for you. This post will only contain the healthy habits that we can actually afford. Wink!

1. Drink water 

This is probably a weird one for some of you, why would someone need to include water in a list. Well, there’s the drink 2 l of water a day theory and then, there’s the listen to your body and drink water when you’re thirsty theory. If I do the latter I might not even drink water at all in a day. I’m guessing that’s not ok. And the fact that my body does’t react to that and is just used to it, is also not ok. So I’m trying to make a habit out of drinking at least 4 glasses of water a day. But I’m telling you right now: teaching and water DO NOT go well together.

2. Drink tea

I’ve already mentioned this in a previous post, I Put the Tea in TeacherTeas are a great supplement for your body’s needs. There probably is a tea for any sensitivity you might have. But as I recently learned, in order to get the best out of your tea experience make sure you know exactly when the best time to drink that tea is. Search benefits and cautions for the tea you’re drinking and enjoy!

3. Have a fruit

I say have a fruit because I literally cannot function without some sugar in my system. And the first choice will always be a fruit. The next choice is honey in my tea. The next-next choice is a fruit again.

4. Sleep

I love waking up with a purpose. When I was in school I was a morning person, never had difficulties waking up, I was productive and I kind of miss that. Not waking up, I miss the energy. Even thought about joining the successful people’s 5am club to get more things done and just feel like I’m better than everyone else, but then it was so dark outside and my pillow seemed fluffier than ever.

Whatever your life allows, enjoy your sleep and make the right adjustments to suit your needs.

5. Laugh

I specifically remember a time in my life when I was sinking in my problems, couldn’t see a way out and didn’t even try to find a way out. I thought I had to accept what I was going through and just stay there. But then I got really inspired, in my laziness and in my sorrow to start watching comedies. Movies I have seen before, of course, even a few seasons of Friends to get me out the funk. That was a good choice. I laughed and laughed and laughed until things didn’t look as gloomy as before. I guess if you’re fooling your body long enough to laugh, soon enough it will start to believe it is happy.

6. Cook

From breakfast improv with salads and/or fruits to comforting stews on a cold weekend, you’ve got to start experimenting with food. It is healthier, cheaper and yummier. As a cooking aficionado myself, I would recommend cooking for other people, not just for yourself, food is better when shared with people you love.

7. Practice gratitude

Choose a time in your day to count your blessings. Maybe when you’re brushing your teeth, maybe on the subway or while you’re waiting for the green light, just be content with the things you have right now.

8. Practice kindness

Smile more. Say Hello and Goodbye, have a nice day to the tired cashier, make someone laugh at work, be kind to yourself, start changing your mindset…kindness starts in the mind.

9. Move

Find a moving activity for yourself. It doesn’t even have to have a social side, you don’t necessarily need to join a gym if you don’t want to. It can be as easy as finding your favourite songs on youtube and dancing all by yourself.

10.Spend time with friends

Life can get really complicated at times. We will get so sick and tired, but you gotta make that extra-effort and mark it in your calendar to meet your friends, to have a movie night, a wine night, a kick-ass Blitz night, eating carbs, mozzarella and garlic. They seem to go together well.

Hoping you are all inspired. Healthy living isn’t that expensive after all. Let me know if you’ve got any new ideas to add to the list.

Have a great new week!


10 thoughts on “10 Healthy Habits

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  1. That’s a nice list 🙂

    I tried an app to remind me to drink the recommended 8 glasses a day, but it wasn’t really working for me… Then I recently got one of those water bottles, so I could have it with me all the time, and I’m drinking the 2L/day now. (I have the “Camelbak eddy” bottle – if you want to check it out)

    I really like point 6, I try to cook things as much as possible from scratch. My body stopped accepting processed foods as it used to back in my 20s 😀

    I would add two things to the list: be more in contact with nature & slow down.
    It feels so good to spend time in the forest, or the mountains, or by the lake – just admiring the world and allowing myself to slow down.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great pointers, Ines! Thank you! You are right about processed food. I never used to have the reactions I have now from my stomach. I get bloated, I get acid reflux…what?! The water bottle is a nice trick, but I can’t go back to using the restroom 2 times per night. No way! :))

      Liked by 1 person

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