Romania celebrates International Jazz Day

I promised I would get back to you with a list of jazz events for International Jazz Day in Romania. Unfortunately I only found a few, apparently this year the local administrations weren’t as interested in organising the usual events they had in the previous years for JazzDay.

So here they are – click on each one to see details.

  1. JazzDay in Sibiu – Snaco Dixieland

2. JazzDay in Ploiesti – The Art of Quartet

3. JazzDay in Bucharest – Prietenii muzicii

4. JazzDay in Bucharest – GreenHours

So if you still want to give jazz a chance this year, check out my list with Romanian Jazz Festivals and find one close to you. If you live in Bucharest you can find my suggestions for a nice jazz evening in Jazz Spots in Bucharest.

If you are not Romanian and you still want to join the celebration on April 30th you can definitely find your country’s events HERE, on the JazzDay official page. This year the global concert will be taking place in Havana, Cuba… lucky them!


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