I put the Tea in Teacher

Ever since I was small I was used to have a cup of tea in the morning and one in the evening.

We somehow always had some kind of tea in the cupboard because we lived near a forest and there were lots of medicinal plants you could find and my mom used to pick them up, dry them out and make tea for various ailments. 3-reasons-add-rosehip-oil-skin-care-routine

We had rosehip, mint, camomile and some bitter plants I never tried to taste.

These are still among my favourite teas, I only added artichoke leaf tea (quite bitter) to help out my little friend, the liver, green tea to hopefully help my blood circulation and ginger tea to fight whatever life throws at me.


There are so many things we can prevent and heal by drinking tea, especially if you live or work in a stressful environment. It should be part of the taking care of yourself process. You know…like chocolate…and wine…and massage.

Find whatever tea you feel your body needs, learn all about it and start drinking and enjoying it’s effects. If nothing else, you’ll be hydrated.

My suggestion is to look for the tea that you prepare yourself, the dried leaves, instead of the tea bags. You’ll learn to love the process.


8 thoughts on “I put the Tea in Teacher

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  1. One home made tea I love and I have been drinking at night before going to bed is hot water (obviously lol) with a slice of lemon, a slice of ginger and a tea spoon of honey. 🙂 Not only it is a relaxing tea, but it also boosts your immune system!

    One thing about black and green tea though – they kind of prevent your body to absorb iron, if you drink it after meals. I use to enjoy a nice cup of black tea after lunch, but after having an issue with low levels of iron, that was one of the things my doctor told me I should stop doing.

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    1. Oh, wow, I had no idea about the absorbtion of iron, thanks for that! I also have an iron deficit and I’m trying to work on it. Try a some cloves with your evening tea.


      1. Thanks for the tip! I was told that when having a meal rich in iron I shouldn’t consume dairy products nor coffee & black/green tea at the same time. Also, food rich in vitamin C helps your body to absorb iron!

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  2. We have many wonderful yet inexpensive teas in our country, available even to those of us who live far away from forests. Did you know that in the countryside they used to fill children’s pillows with camomile to help them sleep better?

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