I only came across this term last year.

We don’t have a word for grit in Romanian. Not exactly.

But as soon as I heard it, I knew that was the element that I’ve been trying to describe all these years when I was talking about myself and my journey.

It’s the against all odds, never stop fighting story.

I come from fairly poor family. And it’s not the poor family that still tries. It’s the other one. The poor family that stopped trying and is just waiting for the worst to happen.

So it’s pretty amazing and a little bit weird that I was so successful in all my inquiries despite being one of the least talented kids in my music school. I aced everything but music.

There was a connection missing, couldn’t find the passion in any solfeggio or music dictation and I dreaded practicing (that is until I found jazz, of course). Choir. I loved choir. Choir was cool. Actually I kinda miss it.

What I am trying to say is that it took so much to find the inner support for me to step forward and grab the opportunities that were awaiting, in this situation, where I could’t have anything concrete to rely on. Not my talent. Not my family. Not money.

So I did the only thing I could do and hoped for the best. I worked hard. I worked more than anyone to catch up with everyone else.

I didn’t stop and I never considered the option to stop.

And I decided: if this is who I have to be, I’m gonna be the best there is.

So you have to love something so much that you never stop pursuing it.

We can’t teach grit. But we can teach passion. We can pass on the passion. The thirst for success and the hunger for victories can be contagious as long as we don’t lose our own grit.


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