Romanian Jazz Festivals

It’s Jazz Appreciation Month!

I have prepared for my Romanian readers and also for the foreign readers who plan on visiting Romania, a list with, in my opinion, some of the best Romanian jazz festivals you can join, together with some very promising newer festivals.

Not all the sites are updated yet, not all the dates have been published yet, some festivals might even skip a year from lack of funds, but they are all worth checking out. The name of the festival will send you to their site.

I wrote down the location and the month they usually occur in, but the date can easily change from year to year due to organisation issues.

So take a look at the ones you’re interested in, check out previous years to see the guests they had; there are some amazing line-ups this year also, like The Chick Corea Electric Band.

Hoping that I managed to stir up some creative curiosity in you and inspired you to join the jazz inner circle we’ve got going on.

I’ll be waiting for your questions in the comment section, if you need more info.

Garana Jazz Festival - Garana, July


Bucharest Jazz Festival - Bucharest, July


Jazz TM - Timisoara, July


Green Hours Jazz Festival - Bucharest, May


Sibiu Jazz Festival - Sibiu, May


Smida Jazz Festival - Smida, August


DOBROJAZZ  - Tulcea, May-June


The Gardener JazzFest - Iasi, October

The Gardener Jazz Festival

Ploiesti Jazz Festival - Ploiesti, November


Csiki Jazz - Miercurea Ciuc, July


Brasov Jazz&Blues Festival - Brasov, November



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