Teacher Make-up

Unlike Meghan Fox, some of us don’t posses a flawless skin and gorgeous features without make-up on. But I finally got to the point where it doesn’t really bother me anymore.

Still, in order to have a fresh, cheerful, healthy looking face, in a non-zombie-apocalypse kind of way, I have to apply make-up.

This is my advice to you:

  • Be natural – this is not a televised show, you don’t have to enhance every single feature. No contouring. Just a light blush to hide your yellow waxy looking cheeks.
  • Be stable – try to stick to a single kind of make-up. Same colours, same style. School is not your experimentation site.
  • Be safe – choose dermato-cosmetic and non-comedogenic products. If you have to spend your days wearing make-up, invest in a high-quality product that will definitely stay on better and longer, and also protects your skin.

If you have normal skin, no flaws to cover, you are Cinder-freakin-ella even after a sleepless night, no one tells you on a regular basis that you look sick, you shouldn’t even bother. Put on a lip balm and you’re ready to go.


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