Teacher Style

I grew up admiring my elegant teachers. Never thought about the elaborate process until it was me who was teaching.

At first, all you want is to be perfect. You are self-conscious about the fact that 20+ eyes are watching you closely and you feel the need to fulfil some imagined expectation. You wear your best outfits, you spend more than you should on those outfits, you start to wonder if everyone else is as sick and tired as you are of the same 5 sweaters you keep wearing, you’re on high-heels and you’re trying to pose all the time.

Soon enough, you realise you’re not the “sitting down” teacher and it’s impossible to stand on those heels the entire day and somehow manage to get home on a crowded bus.

Then you realise that the stains that the kids drop on your clothes can’t be washed. All of the sudden, your fancy clothes can’t even become home wear, because they’re too uncomfortable.

And at last, you realise the kids don’t give a damn about what you’re wearing.

There is still something to be said about a teacher’s style. It should definitely reflect you and your values. So here are a few pointers on what a teacher’s outfit should be like.

  • Simple – small or few accessories;
  • Comfortable – to spend an entire day wearing them, also considering the weather and the means of transportation;
  • Clean – fresh;
  • Decent – to keep attention on learning only.

Of course, if you’re a very rich person who only teaches as a hobby, you have a driver at your service and a walk in closet just for your shoes, dismiss everything I said, go ahead and wear your Louboutins. Put on your shiniest pearls and get your Middleton ON.

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