Christmas Ideas for Your Piano Studio

These short winter days and the cold weather can suck the life out of anyone. I can’t imagine being excited about practicing for the piano recital while dreaming of a white Christmas far far away from scales and chords, only with presents, cookies and the sweet pillow.

That’s why I came up with a few ideas to keep my students’ interest up on this heavy winter journey and I’m sharing them with you.

  1. The Christmas Calendar – In my previous post I showed you the cute calendars I found on Pinterest, you can still find them HERE. I am counting my days until Christmas, I bet kids like to count them as well.
  2. The Christmas Photo Booth – Save the last 5 minutes of your piano class to take some funny pictures and selfies with cute Christmas disguises like Santa, elves, reindeer. Kids will love it! 15320299_10157786324765612_832551274_n
  3. Christmas Carols – Save the last 5 minutes to sing together their favourite Christmas carols while accompanying them. You want to add the Christmas atmosphere to your piano class not extract it with mean exercises for fingers. You can use this time to also add rhythmic clapping games and have some fun with it.
  4. Gingerbread – Serve gingerbread and talk about the letter they sent to Santa and their Christmas wishes. Laugh and share funny stories. Sugar always brings people together.
  5. Presents – Reward their hard work for the Christmas recital with a little something, depending on how much you can afford. It can be a cute Christmas diploma, it can be a Musical Christmas card they can keep on their night stand. Kids love even specific school supplies, like a piano shaped eraser, a cool pen or just a personalised journal. It can be a toy, a Christmas decoration or even small musical instruments, like clave sticks. Get creative!

Whatever you decide, have fun with your students, let them know you care, use this time to get to know them even more while implementing life long habits of discipline. If anything, you’ll also be able to enjoy the classes more.

Hang in there, the holiday is just around the corner!


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