1 Year of Blogging

One year ago I wrote my first post: If teaching meant only to teach, things would be so much easier.

Music Teacher Lifestyle

I started writing in an effort to clear my mind, find myself again, reach out to communities of teachers, musicians and parents. I wasn’t very content with where my professional life was headed. It is that time when you know you’ve done everything in your power to adjust and you realise you’re the only one trying and a bigger step is in order to make the change that you want.

Because it is true. You can’t change people, you can’t change entire institutions, you can change yourself. And you do that, up to a point where the change could mean changing your priorities, your principles, your vision and even your character.

So I started to remind myself who I am and what I do best. What are my strengths and my weaknesses. What is it that I want and clearly define what I don’t want.

And this is how I landed the best job I could wish for, working with people that love me, trust me and appreciate me; people that I love, respect and honour. A work that helps me grow as a teacher and as a musician more that I would’ve expected.

Thank you all for connecting with me, for your insights, for your friendship and kindness. I’ve received so much encouragement and even confirmation here. I get inspired by your lives and your stories, I get to laugh a lot and I’m learning from each of you. This is a sweet, sweet community!

Have a great week! ❤



22 thoughts on “1 Year of Blogging

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  1. Ioana – this is beautiful! What a lovely reason to start blogging. It sounds like your experience was super supportive for you. I’m so glad.

    Very nice to reconnect with you! Thanks for visiting my blog, and congrats on the 1 year of blogging. That’s quite an accomplishment. Many blessings, Debbie

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  2. Congratulations on one year of blogging, Ioana! I am so glad that we connected! I love reading your posts and your comments on my blog and the blogs of others. This little community really is wonderful, and if we let it, I think it does challenge us, encourage us, and help us question ourselves and grow into the best versions of ourselves. There was one part of this particular post that resonated more deeply with me at this point in my life. “You can’t change people, you can’t change entire institutions, you can change yourself.” There is a great deal of upheaval, turnover, and tension where I work right now. On some days, I bear it well, and it hardly affects me, but it can wear me down, and I become anxious, angry, and resistant. I’m going to try to remind myself of your words when I return to work on Monday. Thank you!

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    1. Thank you, Lulu! I am also glad we connected, it’s so amazing you can resonate with people you’ve never met and get to know them sincerely while you never will meet them. Stay in a place of peace, do your best to enrich your work with goodness, but don’t let it alter you.
      Have a great new week! 🙂

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      1. Ioana, thank you so much for your encouraging words! I carried them with me through my week last week, and I did such a better job of coping than I had been doing in weeks past. I am still my own worst enemy, because I spend so much time “mind reading,” worrying about what other people think and what other people expect, trying to do the “right thing,” and trying to prove that I am a good person through earning the approval of others. It’s neurotic, and I am working on it. Just trying to do my best every day. Sending you a hug from across the ocean! xoxo

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        1. It’s definitely a struggle for everyone. I wish I could give you an effective recipe, but I am ignorant to other people’s opinion of me by default. And those people might perceive me as arrogant and insensitive, but there are only a handful of people who’s opinions really matter to me…the rest are just noise. Sure, be nice, be kind, but in the end it is God’s approval that I will be expecting. If He says I’ve done good, I am happy. Honestly, not all people deserve my personal struggle, sometimes the right thing is to just keep quiet and keep away. 🙂 Big hug, Lulu! Stay safe!


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