Happy Teachers' Day!

What’s the correct ratio: 70% the teacher – 30% the parent? Or is it 50-50?

What’s the ratio you practice or would practice?

I’m having a dilemma.

Parents don’t want you to be harsh on their kids, you know, you gotta be fun, entertain, keep them interested, keep it light, WHILE also implementing discipline. I know it’s doable, but I don’t think it works on small children. If you break out THE FUN, they take your whole hand.

There’s a magical kind of balance that parents expect from teachers sometimes and they prefer not to interfere with that magic. They let you do all the work.

Be fun and convince the kid to practice for each piano lesson. I know so many great pianists and music teachers in general. They all hated to practice. And at that time they were probably all better than I was, they were more disciplined and practiced more, and still hated it…while having almost 10 music subjects a week in school.

How to convince a kid to practice the piano? A kid you see 1 hour a week.

Should Iย start a “practice app” and send parents texts reminding them to remind the kid to practice? Ding-ding-ding! PIANO!

All jokes aside, piano being optional for so many today, few parents are actually committed to make piano an important subject, it’s hard to request such commitment from a kid without being even a little afraid he’ll want to quit as soon as things get rough.

And things always get rough. If you’re not backed up by a parent’s authority, you’ve got nothing!



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  1. I firmly believe the parents need to play a more responsible active role in their kids practice time. I know often, it is just ‘left for the kid’, to figure out which is fine, but kids do need that little extra from the parent – it could be fun

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    1. Absolutely! There are piano methods that require the parent’s presence at all piano classes, taking notes and learning along with the kid and also require that they assist the kid every time they practice. We don’t do that here cause parents are way too busy to do that, but using his voice daily to send the kid to practice is fundamental. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. If parents overcoddle their kids with unrealistic opinions about their musical abilities, then I think it is the role of the teacher to instill a more realistic game plan of success. 60% teacher 30% student 10% parent.

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        1. :))) Oh, no! I know exactly what you mean, I never enjoyed my piano pieces while growing up. Now I’m trying to avenge my past and let my kids choose their favourite pieces. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I wish you could have been my 100 % teacher in ratio…. Just kidding….. Good to see that you worry so much for your students…..hope i could also learn piano someday and have a beautiful teacher like you…..


  4. Excellent post, I think parents should do there part, children need a gentle push, and I am sure parents could help by coming up with a wonderful plan to help them to practise !! and not spoil the fun at the same time. Good Luck………..

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