1 Year of Blogging

One year ago I wrote my first post: If teaching meant only to teach, things would be so much easier. I started writing in an effort to clear my mind, find myself again, reach out to communities of teachers, musicians and parents. I wasn't very content with where my professional life was headed. It is that time... Continue Reading →


Piano practice & Time

It's very hard for me to be open minded and creative about piano practice time, because when I was small, practice was not measured in time, but in achieving a goal you set for yourself, like lightly reading a passage without mistakes and interruptions. Sometimes it took 5 minutes, sometimes an hour, tears and angry... Continue Reading →

When do you let your child give up on piano lessons?

There are many reasons why a child would think about quitting piano lessons. One of the reasons should be the difficulty. One other reason could be the fact that his parents have allowed him to think that quitting is an option. Ever. I am, myself, a very picky teacher. That's not the best trait, I... Continue Reading →


What's the correct ratio: 70% the teacher - 30% the parent? Or is it 50-50? What's the ratio you practice or would practice? I'm having a dilemma. Parents don't want you to be harsh on their kids, you know, you gotta be fun, entertain, keep them interested, keep it light, WHILE also implementing discipline. I... Continue Reading →


When I think of MEDITATION I think of FOCUS. For me, meditating isn't as much about not thinking about anything as it is about focusing on one thing only. Piano practice is a sort of meditation. I didn't realise it until now. When we practice we can't think about other problems, we can't get distracted... Continue Reading →

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