Me & My Dreams

I was inspired to reminisce on my autumns by Niki’s article. It all came back to me as I was reading it.

Autumns feel different as you grow up.

I have such fond memories about autumn. Autumn meant going to school and I loved school. In fact, I loved school so much I would often find myself dreaming of how it would be to remain a student my whole life. I’m there, alright…living the dream.

We couldn’t afford buying stuff, most of my clothes were from charities, but buying school supplies was a must, so I was so excited to make a list, to go shopping and to label all my notebooks.

School was a safe place for me. I couldn’t do much about my situation at home, but school was my territory. I could be anything I wanted to be.

I had to walk to school, about 30 minutes, the sound of the fallen leaves is so vivid in my mind and the smell of the rain…just me and my dreams walking to school.

When I went to college I was faced with having to cook. I am such a good cook. I didn’t know that then, I was just experimenting, but when I started to cook I would put on jazz and it all felt so glamorous, even though I was just as poor. The food was good, the company was great…happy days.

Autumns are different though when you’re the teacher. Now I have to make the autumns memorable for my students.

So my autumn means new resources and new projects to get the kids excited, planning the Christmas Recital, crafting all sorts of presents, apple pie, mulled wine and quattro formaggi based meals and, I’m afraid, even more jazz.


8 thoughts on “Me & My Dreams

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    1. Thank you! I saw that you’ll be away for a while, we’ll be right here waiting for your kind and precious articles :).

      Blessings to you too! Be safe! 🙂


  1. These are such beautiful memories. Thank you for sharing them. I can picture you walking to school under the falling leaves and swaying to jazz in your kitchen as you cook. It definitely stirs up my own fond memories and also ignites a longing within me to seek out more wholehearted experiences like the ones you describe. Thank you for sharing your happiness!

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    1. Thank you, Lulu! You always observe just how important and precious these things are to me and you manage to express it so accurately. I am writing this as I am making a very autumn inspired apple pie 🙂 Have a beautiful weekend!

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