Ode to a Music Teacher

Music teachers are very important in our school. The music department has to be the glue that holds everything together, the soul of our community and the heart of every event. You are very important and we’ll make sure that you feel appreciated every step of the way.

Of course, we don’t have a music room “per say”, we don’t really have a piano or any instruments for that matter.

The manuals are pretty far from the culture we want to impart in this school, so you’ll probably have to improvise a lot, find a new repertoire, make your own work sheets, find innovative ways to make it work and if it could be all spectacular…that would be just great!

Also we’d love it if you could cover the national curriculum as professional as you can, we want to pride ourselves with how serious music and arts are in this school, but if you could also insert international elements and concepts, devote all your free time to find new and fun ways to teach it…again…so great!

But still, keep in mind that this is not a specialised school, we can’t expect kids to be fully committed to the music classes, so if you could just BE COOL and give them all the highest grade regardless…you know…in the end how much does music really matter?

Yes, you’ll have to work a lot more than any other teacher, who can actually use their manual and more than half of the work is already done, and of course, you won’t be as important as the math teacher…well, for obvious reasons. You might even have to have a surgery on your vocal chords soon…you know…with all the singing. 

We have a tight budget for the music department, we can’t really make it worth your while, but other than that, this is such a great environment to work in and to grow as a teacher. We can’t wait!


6 thoughts on “Ode to a Music Teacher

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    1. :))) The worst position and the worst salary. But this is exactly every school’s attitude towards the music teacher…and if you’re not having it, you’re a pretentious prick. 🙂


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