What happens in my piano class – THE UPGRADED VERSION

My piano class has remarkably evolved. I am now entering the fourth year of study with some of my students here in Bucharest. Things are getting serious and I’m doing my best to keep up with their needs and their wants. So I have designed a new format for my piano class starting this year that might inspire other teachers.

The foundation of this new format is my new student manual/agenda, called My MUSIC Journal. I created this manual/agenda as a clever way of keeping all the important lessons in one place, in a specific order and, next to these lessons, I created weekly agenda pages on which kids can mark their study days and their evolution. The agenda pages have a space for teacher observations, a stave for melodic exercise, wether it’s solfegge or intervals, and a line for rhythmic exercise. The lessons include the 4 qualities of sound and everything that I want to cover this school year, from durations to instruments in the orchestra.

My Music Journal

SCALES – of course.

The COMEBACK PIECE. The very first piece of the school year will be slightly easier than the last piece we studied, to start off building their confidence and use this opportunity to revise all the elements.

PERSONALISED REPERTOIRE – I always have at least 3 options for them to choose from. This way I can learn what they like and I’ll get better at finding new material for them and they don’t get to complain about it, because they picked it. 🙂

LISTENING – An extra 5 to 10 minutes will be devoted to listening to a musical piece. I already have the list for an entire year. But we will do different sort of listening on the same piece on each piano class. Free listening, listening while following the musical score and listening while watching the performers. In one month, they get to listen a piece at least 3 times and their monthly project will be to paint, draw or colour an image inspired by that piece. I can’t wait to see their works!


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