Be Kind

Florina is one of my best friends. We went to school together, she joined the music school when we were in the 3rd grade. Can’t really remember how and why we bonded,  but we became best friends, we spent our college years living together and we’ve been through everything from pathetic to glorious.

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I remember a certain event when we were 10 or 11. Florina was the quietest girl in class, she was an angel. So our teacher thought she can count on her, being responsible and all, to go and get something for her, something that required leaving the classroom. Before she could leave, the teacher says: Wait! You can choose someone to come along with you. And she picks me. The teacher makes a very obviously confused face and yells: Ioana? Why in the world would you choose Ioana? Don’t get me wrong, I was a model student, but I was kinda wild and loud and inappropriate sometimes, what she meant was that we were complete opposites, couldn’t understand why she would ever befriend me.

As you can imagine, things haven’t changed much when we grew up. She was and is still the quiet, calm, balanced, good girl that doesn’t assign judgement and doesn’t treat people differently just because she doesn’t like them. And I am the loud, irascible, thick headed, mean girl that judges everyone and brings justice to the world.

Still I must have learned something from her if she made it to my gratitude list. God only knows that in my teenage years our friendship was the single good thing happening, and that spending time with her, having lunch or just trying out her sister’s make up was the highlight of my day and probably the only thing that I was looking forward to.

She has witnessed some of my lamest, lowest moments, has been there for me in every possible way, but she still managed to remain a best friend, who is exactly what you need her to be at that moment. Not to mention the college years when she practically shared everything she had with me…Now that I think of it, the packages she received from home were awfully large for just one person, I bet her mom thought of me when she added all those cookies. The sweetest lady! ❤

So if we had to weigh things down, she was incomparable kinder to me than I was to her and she still stays my best friend. Up until this day, the question cannot be answered: Why in the world would you choose Ioana? 😀

What I’m learning from Florina is that if all you can do to show your friendship towards someone is be kind – do it! You might be the only person that shows kindness, you might be the only one that doesn’t judge and you might be the only one that still cares.

P.S.: I can’t explain why so many of our photos have drinks in them. 😉


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