Be Generous

Today I’m featuring on MY PEOPLE a very special family: David & Renate Sorensen.

I don’t know them as closely as I know everyone else I posted about, but you’ll see why they made my list. 10403485_768863569907074_950427312756299739_n

The Sorensen family is from Netherlands. They are my college sponsors. They are christians and they are the creators of Christian Art Posters. When they started sponsoring me, they were probably around 30 years-old – a pretty young family.

Above all the charity actions they could do, all the investments or spendings, they chose to sponsor a student. And from all the humanitarian organisations, from all the poor students that needed help through college, they chose me.

Throughout my Bachelor studies, 4 years in a row, come rain or come shine, they sent me the money I needed monthly to pay my rent and all the house expenses.

(In Romania, public college is free as long as you have high grades and, if you are among the best in your class, you can even receive a modest scholarship to encourage you to keep up the good work.)

While I knew I wasn’t the only student that had a sponsor, I realised later on that these people, who have only seen me in pictures, trusted me with their money, trusted that they were investing in my future, trusted that I would use these money for the purpose it was given and that I would take advantage to the fullest of this opportunity, to make the most out of my college years and my education and build a future for myself.

And that I did. I felt such a deep responsibility, I will forever honour them for their investment.

I know that all of us might have had regrets over being generous and charitable towards some people that disappointed us, but my testimony is one of those stories that can confirm that once in a blue moon you can radically change someone’s path through giving.

So what I think I should learn from them is not only to be generous with my money, but to be generous with my kindness, with my time, with my attention, with all my resources.

If you want to become a sponsor for a student and help this organisation, you can contact Talmid Ministries.



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  1. Love is what I have for this post. Kindness and the desire to help should come from the heart. When this happens, you feel less pained when people turn an act of kindness to mockery by being ungrateful. I have been dissapointed by some people who turn out to be very ungrateful to the good deeds done for them, yet, I never relent to give a helping hand. So, I appreciate you for showing appreciation and being grateful to those who have helped you. It’s a rare virtue these days. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 I know exactly what you mean, especially when you make great sacrifice or give out of the little that you have and people can’t appreciate it…it could break your trust in humanity and convince to give up all together, but we shouldn’t let it, just like Mother Teresa said, it’s between you and God, it was never between you and them anyway. 🙂

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      1. Awww… and you touched me with the Mother Theresa quotes, I only just featured her wise sayings in my yesterday’s post. And so true, some bad examples shouldn’t deter us from doing good. Afterall, only God does reward accordingly. Thank you for the great insights. Blessings! 🙂

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