Be There

MY PEOPLE is a new category I added as a celebration of my 30th birthday, where I want to document all the people that have made a difference in my life and that inspire me, and maybe you too, to be a better human being.

Today I’ll tell you about another special lady. Nicole Weyts.163465_10150376148640612_6411662_n

I met Nicole in church when I was around 15; her and her family moved from Belgium to Romania about 20 years ago as missionaries and settled down in a small Romanian village to help out poor families and the gypsy community. They’re doing an awesome job!

She has been and is an amazing friend.

Some context. In high-school, when I started going to church, my mom was very much against it and managed to make my frantic teenage years even harder than they should be. Nicole’s home was my home when I needed. She cared for me, she fed me, she spent a lot of money and time investing in me, probably not even realising how much her friendship meant to me all along.

I can never forget the night my mom kicked me out, it was pretty chilly outside and I was only wearing a red sweater and jeans and, luckily, a phone card in my back pocket. I called her in the middle of the night and she drove to pick me up like nothing happened. It is because of people like Nicole that I can look at adversity with no worries.

Being around her and observing her back then made me realise what kind of a person I want to be, and suddenly I had a new example to follow, other than what I already had.

When I finished high-school and was thinking about going to college, she did everything in her power to find sponsors that would pay for my rent and expenses so I can live in a new city, finish college, make a new life and make my dreams come true. (The sponsors will be featured in a different post.)

And she keeps being this awesome friend to me and so many others that need her without any condition, without any judgement, without expectation. Just pure kindness, generosity and joy!

If I had to choose one thing about her that I should learn, I would probably pick PRESENCE. I may never have the same exact ability to properly and materially help the people around me, but I can, apparently, make a difference for someone just by being there. By saying I am here for you and really mean it and really care.

While writing this I am actually overwhelmed by the thought that I was so privileged to have these people as pillars…divine appointments, my friends.

Have a great new week!

Nicole and her family created Talmid Ministries to help their community. If you ever decide to help, you can learn more about them pressing the link.

To see all the people I featured on this category, please see MY PEOPLE.


12 thoughts on “Be There

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  1. Quite enjoying these blog posts, both because of your generosity in sharing encouraging stories about your friends (far too little encouragement nowadays!) and also for the snapshot of Romanian life it provides for those of us overseas.

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    1. Thank you, Matt! 😀 I’m glad you’re enjoying them. My life isn’t really representative of Romanian culture or lifestyle, it kinda breaks the pattern, but I’ve been surrounded by these awesome friends and I came at this point where I just had to acknowledge their input, my life would’ve been a lot different without them. 🙂

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  2. When I read your last story I was in awe…. and now this wonderful lady, you really are a very fortunate person to have such wonderful people in your life, and I know there are more to come, this is not luck, what you put out, you get back !!! Which makes you just as special as them !! Have a good day

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    1. Thanks, Brooke! It feels sometimes that I was more fortunate than I deserved and that’s even more special. I’m just glad I was available to let myself be inspired by them to grow and to make their investment worthwhile. 🙂


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