Be More

Getting closer and closer to my 30th birthday and still celebrating the people in my life that inspire me to be better constantly.

Today I’m celebrating one of the most important women in my life.

Camelia Pop148586_10153070092220612_1983683054_n

I met her when I was around 14 years-old at church. She is 11 years older than me, back then she was freshly married, had two small kids and had just moved to my town. You would think her life was about more than hanging out with troubled teenagers…it wasn’t. 😀

For some reason, she thought is was important to involve us, to spend time with us, to be friends with us. Movie nights, walking in the park nights, swimming pool or mountain camping weekends, game nights, holidays, regular days for just hanging out and complaining about our profound and eternal problems, sleepovers…anything you can think of. That meant so much to me. Having someone to care about who you are and what you are about as if you’re someone worth spending time with. It doesn’t get better than that.

She has given me a bed to sleep in when I had no place to go, she has fed me countless times, even when there was nothing to eat but sandwiches or fries, she would rave her freezer and her winter stocks when I was in college, to pack anything she could find for me and my friends and she even broke her piggy Bank to buy me sandals for my prom night. ❤

She was the shoulder I cried on for every possible reason, she is my midnight sickness call and my Christmas recipes fairy. I know it seems like I’m talking about a mystical, magical creature, but that’s just who she is.

This is Cami, my pastor’s wife. Always wondering what MORE can I do. She is restless until she knows that she’s done everything in her power and above her power to help the people around her.

So if I have to learn anything from her, that is to be passionate. Passionate about God and passionate about God’s plans. Because when you’re passionate about God, you let yourself be used in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine and you can change the lives of teenage weirdos like myself, getting them closer to knowing their purpose in life. She cares more, she does more, she is more.

How lucky am I?


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  1. On my 30th birthday, I drove to my dad’s house for a family celebration. I pulled into the driveway, turned off the car, and just sat there for a minute thinking, “I’m thirty.” Such a wave of serenity broke over me, I became completely peaceful. And I knew that I was finally an adult.

    Your choice to honor others who have helped you become who you are shows your smart assery is becoming wisdom. ❤

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  2. Ioana, this is such a beautiful post. It is so wonderful that you are recognising special peopl in your life that have made a difference. Cami sounds like a remarkable woman that goes above and beyond for everyone. How special that you have this amazing friend in your life, she is a gem. x

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  3. It’s exciting that your birthday is approaching. I love how you are honoring the inspirations in your life! What a beautiful idea. Cami sounds like a true lifelong friend. I feel so touched by your story! Have a wonderful day! Xoxoxo.

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    1. Yes, I felt I needed a reevaluation of my life and I realised I couldn’t have this life without these people. I have to acknowledge, honour and follow their examples. Thank you so much for reading my story, I’m so glad it touched your heart. Cami really is the best! :*

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        1. 😀 I have always been sort of a “know it all smart ass” and I was joking around about turning 30 saying that now I can finally own my “smart ass”, but the truth is it’s only about now that I can see some things as they truly are. And for that, I am excited! 🙂

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