Kindness Challenge – Week 4 Reflection

This truly has been a transforming week. You know how some people are rude, some are simply annoying and some are just so ignorant of anyone surrounding them? And when you get tired of dealing with these sort of people, you think…why bother? And in the past couple of years I set up camp in “Why-BotherLand”.

A revolutionary thing happened while trying my best to truly show kindness.

At first, I would find myself in situations where I’d ask myself: how can I show kindness now?…what about now?Β And so on.Β It’s like my mind is now set on it, which is great, but weird. When kindness stops being natural, you’ve crossed a troubling step. I can just imagine that so many people live this way. The mentality is “if I’m not hurting you, that’s an act of kindness”. And it can be, but that shouldn’t be the only way we show kindness.

I’m at the mall. Some girl trying to read the label on a shampoo knocks down 10 other shampoos. That happens :). I hear: be kind. (Yes, if you sign up for the Kindness Challenge, the ghost of future kindness follows you everywhere and keeps whispering in your ear πŸ˜‰ ) I get down and help her pick up the shampoos. I’m on the bus, pretty tired, I see a kid and his mom, I hear: be kind. I get up and give him the seat. All week long.

But the greatest thing I discovered is that the first opportunity to be kind is in your mind. So much frustration builds up just by looking around and judging people. If you just let go of the fact that the sales person is so slow today, could she go any slower…oh, no, now the shopper in front of me can’t decide on what item to buy…I’m gonna die here!!! Let go, be kind, nothing good can come from allowing toxic thoughts and even worse…nothing changes just because you’re getting angry. I’ve tried it. Nothing changes. Just you. You become bitter and no one will want to be around you.

I am excited about this journey. This might turn me into a better person…just when I thought I can’t get any better… Niki is probably thinking right about now: “Next year we’ll do a Modesty Challenge for Ioana”.



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  1. I’m so glad I was finally able to make it over here to see this (I fell asleep last night!). You had me cracking up! The ghost of kindness future is too funny! I love it! You’re so right! Kindness does start in your mind, with a thought, then a choice and ultimately the action. Soooo many opportunities to make choices throughout the day that you realize there are many ways to be kind. I’m enjoying watching you grow on this journey. You were hoping for it to change your lifestyle and this post is showing how deep that runs. I’m so excited for you! The new challenge idea was too much!! You are so funny Ioana πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing your experience of week 4. I can’t wait to see how this week goes ❀

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  2. “the ghost of future kindness follows you everywhere and keeps whispering in your ear” – this is a perfect way to describe this act. I find myself much more mindful of my actions and others around me. I try to see the goodness in others, even if there are many negative Neds and Nellies. πŸ™‚

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  3. I am personally uncomfortable about talking about any kindnesses I might do, but I have no problem enjoying what other people say about what they do unless they are merely bragging. What I love about your reflection is that you’ve presented it to show how you are growing, and you seem to be more surprised by your new awareness than any of us reading your reflections are!

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    1. :)) That’s exactly right, I am surprised by my new awareness. Really, it’s unsettling to realise some things. But I totally understand what you’re saying. I only mentioned in my post some funny situations, it would feel like bragging to write about my other acts of kindness, of course.

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    1. Thank you so much for that. I thought I was the only one…but that was very well said. Yes, you become what you think. This applies everywhere…I’ve got so many things to change! πŸ˜€

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  4. This is great. While there are those that think we’re not supposed to share acts of kindness – that’s not true. Stories and idea’s on how to share kindness do multiply (no need for a modesty challenge πŸ™‚ ). Thanks for sharing Ioana – have a good evening.

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