Listening – Day 21

Exploring the Romanian music.

I know my Romanian readers will enjoy this. Thank you so much for visiting, guys! 🙂 We will be listening glimpses of Romanian music all week. This choral piece is about a blonde little girl that watches the sheep and the Sun that shines through her golden hair. You might as well think of her as Little Bo Peep.

This is one of my favourite Romanian composers. The harmony is just divine, I really hope you’ll like it.

You can find all my classical music links from the Listening series right here.



4 thoughts on “Listening – Day 21

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  1. I can almost picture you (though I have never seen you), spreading Nutella in slow motion over a slice of bread on this kind of music, in a very dignified and solemn manner. A totally irrelevant comment, but I couldn’t help it.

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    1. :))) Oh, yes. I simply enjoy having conversation, it’s fine. But yes…this piece takes me back. I used to sing this in my high-school choir. Everything stops when I hear it and I sing along in my head, I know all the voices and all the rests. Now all I think about is Nutella. 😀

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