Listening – Day 19

Exploring the XXth Century

You won’t have to struggle too much for this one. Enjoy! 😀



16 thoughts on “Listening – Day 19

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  1. My private lesson teacher from Italy always taught me that playing the notes correctly + interpreting an expressive quality of emotion combines to make musical genius. Watching the piano in this piece reminds how right he was.

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  2. I spent the entire piece thinking about my mother; this was her favorite. Its energy rolls and surges in a syncopated sort of way that keeps time with your pulse. Enlivening. Thanks, Ioana!

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  3. Nu ştiu ce ai pus, că aici nu văd şi nu aud ( la muncă), dar deja îmi sună în urechi ( memorie) concertul în fa şi stau în cumpănă pe care să o mai fredonez.


    1. Hi, thank you, I am very well, I’m preparing the last details of my student’s piano recitals and all and challenging myself to be kind along the way. I am glad you are enjoying the listening series too :). Have a beautiful day! 😀


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