Listening – Day 18

Exploring the XXth Century

I am not going to try and explain this century’s music. It was a difficult century. Every artist had it’s own expression, it’s own identity and it’s own history. This is their voice, this is what they had to say. Just listen to the message.

The event that spurred him into writing was the death by polio of 18-year-old Manon Gropius, the daughter of Alma Mahler (once Gustav Mahler‘s wife) and Walter Gropius. Berg set Lulu aside to write the concerto, which he dedicated “To the memory of an angel”.




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  1. Though it cuts off a little abruptly, I feel confident I heard tragedy and dramatic self-indulgent anguish worthy of expression in Twyla Tharp or Martha Graham choreography.

    I don’t blame you for not trying to explain this century’s music.

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    1. Yes, Berg manages to be quite lyric and expressive here while maintaining the tragic atmosphere.
      Thank you, just wanted to put this music out there. Not everyone likes it, in fact the majority doesn’t like it, but so many of them have so much history… πŸ™‚

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