God is a Teacher

I love my students. As much as they can annoy me sometimes and they often test my patience, or my lack of it, I still love them.

I want them to succeed in everything, I want them to be happy and prosperous and I want them to become great people.

That’s why I don’t give them shortcuts.c85dac670af71f8c58eff72fb48a475e

We’re learning every lesson through and through.

We don’t move past their mistakes. We solve them.

And when that mistake shows up again, we solve it again, and again, until the lesson is learned.

When we studied the teaching methods we realised that only one truly mattered. The learning through discovery method. I give them the tools, I ask the right questions, I give directions and the kids discover the new element and understand it much better, because of this discovery process and they gain trust in their own abilities and enjoy the victory of learning something “on their own”.

Sometimes my students are afraid when they’re facing a new challenge. Sometimes they’re afraid even if it’s not necessarily a challenge, it’s only something new. Sometimes they’ll consider quitting all together when something SEEMS hard.

I cannot stress this word enough…SEEMS.

I am the teacher, I already know what my students can or cannot do. I never give them an assignment unless I know they’ve got the tools they need to solve it. And I am always the technical support for them. When they are stuck I always show them how to get out.

I already know how to play the entire musical piece in front of them. I already know how it should sound. I already know all the elements in it and which of them can cause trouble in my student’s little mind and I already know how we’ll solve them.Β 

But my student doesn’t know. He just sees a new music sheet with scary new symbols he’s never seen before and he’s probably wondering why I’m making his life so hard…why can’t we play Mary Had a Little Lamb for the rest of his life.

I already know how it ends and I can even estimate how long it can take for us to finish a certain musical piece.

Sometimes my kids hear a certain song or are attracted by the look of a magnificent and complicated music sheet and they say “When can we do this? Can we play this now?”. I’m like: No way, Dude! You’re 3 years away from that level…we can’t skip any steps! And there are no shortcuts.


7 thoughts on “God is a Teacher

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  1. Amazing! I feel just like your students almost every day of your life! I have heard other people attempt to explain why God allows struggles and challenges our lives, and I have come to recognize that the best growth in wisdom, understanding, love, and ability comes through difficulty, but I never conceptualized the learning process this way. Your post brings me so much comfort when I think that God is teaching me just as you a

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    1. Oops… Wasn’t quite finished… What I meant to say was that your post brings me so much comfort when I think that God is teaching me just as you are so expertly and knowingly teaching your students!

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  2. Well, you sound like a brilliant teacher…I like the way you think and the way you are with the kids. There is a solution to every problem, I believe and them solving this with the tools you provide is the one and only way they will learn, and not only that, but allow them confidence within themselves. You clearly have patience πŸ™‚ .

    Now I know this is not about music but your concept works in all areas of life…
    I am not technically inclined at all, but starting the blog and setting it all up, there were many a time I just wanted to quit but, I plodded along and eventually I got it. If anything it taught me to have confidence in myself…I still am not perfect and there is still things I need to do, but now at least I am not afraid to try. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you, Lynne! Such beautiful words, I am still learning everything too and I manage them as I go along, which is good. I can’t think of anything better to do than to keep learning πŸ˜€

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