Listening – Day 13

Debussy. Again.

I remember with some nostalgia that I orchestrated this piece in college as an assignment, of course. I bet I still have it somewhere in one of those boxes that I carry with me every time I move. The name of this prelude means The Sunken Cathedral. You will be able to hear the cathedral bells and the low-high register extremes will create the sinking image.

You can find the classical music links of this Listening series HERE.

Have a nice day!



4 thoughts on “Listening – Day 13

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    1. Well my arrangement was just written down, it was an arranging exercise, we had to arrange in every style possible, from Bach to Debussy, but no one ever plays them…and I think I wrote them all by hand, I didn’t even use Sibelius to be able to hear it….yeah, that would’ve been nice…But I got the highest grades in orchestration, so I guess it was a good arrangement.


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