Listening – Day 10

We’re keeping it magical. This week’s music was just so awesome, even I regret not listening more often. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as well. For me it’s an opportunity to clear my mind and let it drift in a different land – where there’s no rent, no laundry, no worries – and I get filled up with these emotions, out of nowhere. Join me. 🙂


You can find the classical music links of this Listening series HERE.



4 thoughts on “Listening – Day 10

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  1. The end of this piece seems to just peter out, unfinished, anticlimactic. I realize it’s a prelude, but it doesn’t make me excited to hear anything more. I guess I’m just not much of a Wagner fan.


    1. Yes, I noticed that too, I think it’s just the recording that stops suddenly, the prelude shouldn’t end like this :). It’s fine if you’re not into Wagner, I mostly enjoy his harmony and the way it develops. But thank you for the observations 😀

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    1. Thank you for visiting and for taking the time to connect, I like your blog, I am following you now :). I hope to see you around again! Have a nice weekend!


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