Listening – Day 8

Back to Classicism.

This piece is filled with emotion, I really hope you’ll enjoy listening.


You can find the classical music links of this Listening series HERE.



12 thoughts on “Listening – Day 8

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  1. Beethoven is my favorite. His music has such magnificent energy and movement — like horses galloping in storms. I used to take care of a little girl who was especially sensitive to classical music. At three, she would describe it as angry or stormy or like birds flying. She could always recognize Beethoven by the way he seemed so reluctant to end, Big Chord! [pause] Big Chord! [pause] Big Chord! [pause] Big Chord! lol

    But the Lenore Overture #2 has my favorite moment: A far away, lonely French horn calls from an island or a woods or someplace undiscovered. It always makes me think of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest.

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      1. Hi Ioana: Yes I am glad to back in the Word Press loop. I posted the first of several blogs on my 21 day Transatlantic cruise and will post at least nine more entries about this experience

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