Listening – Day 2

Thank you for returning!

Today we are listening to my favourite movement of Beethoven’s Vth Symphony. And no, it’s not the first movement, it’s the third…not as popular as the first, but so, so beautiful.

Remember the 3 steps you should follow on this exercise:

  1. ISOLATION – Listening happens in complete silence, no distractions, no talking, just music. You might need to even close your eyes in order to fully focus.
  2. EXPECTATION – Expect the music to transmit something and be ready to receive it.
  3. OBSERVATION – While listening, observe how the music evolves and changes and write down the words that it inspires you to think of with every change.


As always, I’ll be eager to read your thoughts on the music.


7 thoughts on “Listening – Day 2

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  1. I had a different experience with Beethoven’s symphonies. Before analysing them we had to learn the themes of every movement by heart and we had to be able to read anywhere on the score, any instrument, even the transposing instruments and jumping from one stave to another…fun times πŸ™‚


  2. I’ve always loved playing Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. I played it a few times in orchestra during the 6 years I was in college. I think it’s because of the energy that is in the piece that makes it so fun.

    My husband and I also went on our second “unofficial” date to listen to the 5th, played by our professors and some other musician’s in a mini-orchestra 30 minutes away. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

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