In preparation for the Kindness Challenge that is starting this week I have already thought of 5 things I can do to be kinder. When you’ll see the list, you’ll understand why it’s called a CHALLENGE :D.

Number UNO: Shut up. Yes, it’s a challenge to shut up and this time it will be a kindness challenge. Sometimes, in an argument, being quiet is the kind thing to do. 🙂

Number 2 (pun intended): Stop the gossip. Fuelling gossip doesn’t help anything and anyone, even if it feels oh, so good, to just dish the people you don’t like, because that’s the only thing you can do and maybe you think the gossip has some sort of effect on those people…like, they’ll feel bad about being gossiped, so they’ll stop pissing you off…they won’t.

Number 3. Stop feeding the judgemental thoughts. I know you guys are cool and you probably don’t have this problem, but I do. My problem is that I have the super power of easily spotting people’s flaws and my mind starts labelling everything. I figure if I stop the thoughts, I’ll stop the words too.

Number 4: Be grateful for 100 things. You get it.

Number 5: Make compliments. Notice beauty in any form and speak up.


14 thoughts on “5 STEPS to KINDNESS

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  1. If you think you’re judgemental you should meet me one day. In fact, I can find seventeen reasons to be judgemental about that jar of Nutella over there, but then it’s kindness week so I won’t get started. 😛


    1. :))) Trust me, I earned every spoon! 😀 And Niki says I should be kind to myself this week, I’m just following orders…when it’s convenient. And by the look of your face I’ve got more years of judging people comparing to you…


      1. I am not so much worried about your health, as I am sure yoga will deal with any Nutella sugars quite effectively, as about your musical tonality – it will sweeten all your notes, trust me – your piano playing will become as sugary as cotton candy. And if you keep the window open the wasps will sniff it all in no time, and before you know it your whole piano room will be swirling with wasps. Bzzzzzzz!


        1. No worries, when I eat Nutella I turn into Snow White and all the animals are my friends and they just start singing along with me…it can get weird.


  2. Great intentions going into week 1 of the challenge! Can’t wait to see what happens when you focus the kindness on yourself 🙂 We’ll work on the other aspects one step at a time 🙂 Happy Monday Ioana!


    1. Thank you, Niki! I know this week is about being kind to myself…but that all I do ALL THE TIME. It comes so easy to me. The challenge is with everyone else and I needed an early start on that to prepare myself :D. Don’t worry I’m doing everything else too: the kindness quote, the gratitude…everything, I am on track! 😉

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      1. Hahaha well that’s good! That’s great that being kind to yourself comes so naturally! We’ll all have different areas that come easier to us than others but I’m really glad that this is one for you! Great idea to mentally prepare yourself to extend kindness in the areas that you struggle with 😉

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      1. That would be useful – it’s very hard when people exploit your weaknesses and keep using it against you and I can’t get away from these people, I’m stuck with it whatever.


        1. Oh…I hate those people, sorry you’re going through that. If I were in your shoes, and I was for a while, I’d be very very mean, which is not always the solution, of course, you don’t want to turn yourself and become like them. Yes, we gotta fight bad with good…bad people don’t know how to respond to goodness. Stay strong! 😀

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          1. Thanks for your kind words. it’s always at the worst times you don’t need that kind of hate. We just have to hang onto who we are I guess and hope a way through presents itself.

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