Next week is the first week of the Kindness Challenge!Featured Image -- 2617

Start your day with kindness”

In order to start my day with kindness I have to meet God in the morning. 0fa9fd8a97b6b81237ae9d14880d9c52So I’m making prayer and Bible study appointments every morning…hopefully this will outlast the Kindness Challenge. I will take notes of my revelations and my experiences, and share them here at the end of every week.

Throughout this Kindness Challenge I will also insert classical music links from Monday to Friday, for you and for me. Maybe it will help us in our pursue of kindness.

I live surrounded by musicians and it feels natural to be able to speak about all music with them. The only people I don’t discuss music with are my family, they have nothing to do with it and they have no idea of how brilliant I am in that area…That’s fine, we talk about weather and food, bills and other debts.

What I noticed, was, that when I was a student and we had to analyse music in detail, my brain was entirely focused on the analysis…nothing else…no worries, no drama…nothing. And this acted like some sort of exercise, I guess, because now, whenever I listen to classical music, my brain turns into analysis mode and I can remember and relive that feeling of nothingness.

In a way I want to teach you how to listen to classical music so that you can enjoy it. My hope is also to teach you this habit…of listening to classical music and understanding it’s purpose. I know it will open your mind and challenge it in a different way than other genres do.

I’ve got a beautiful journey planned ahead, some of you are really going to enjoy it!

Meet me here on Monday morning! Have a beautiful weekend!


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  1. I love classical music. I took a class on it when I was in college and I absolutely loved every moment of it. Looking forward to the pieces you will be posting. Have a great weekend!


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