OMG I love all that Jazz!

Read all about Ines’ jazz journey and get to know her a little better! ❤

She loved jazz all along, but she didn’t know it until recently…it’s all very romantic. I’m always happy to bring people and music together! 😀


The lovely Ioana from the blog Music Teacher Lifestyle launched a blogging event to celebrate the International Jazz Day (last April 30). So she put a call out to other bloggers to write about Jazz during this week. She finished the post with a song by Natalie Cole.

I told her I loved Natalie Cole, but that I was no jazz expert, I didn’t know much about it – and to be quite frank, most of the times I don’t even know which ‘music category’ singers, bands, songs fit into. I am (sadly) a Music illiterate. But then she spoke of Sinatra. Well hold your horses now – I LOVE SINATRA! ‘Is that Jazz?’ ‘yes it is! See you can write about him!’.

So before I do, I decided to conduct a little google search: ‘Jazz Singers’. And BOOM. All my old time favourites are all suddenly smiling…

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