Music & Words Award

So this is happening!

Thank you, Brooke, from The Utopia Universe for the nomination, I hope you like my choices.

The rules are:music-and-words-award-jpg

  • Link back to the person who nominated you

  • Answer these questions with words and music

  • Pass the award to 5 bloggers who inspire you with posts about music & words. 

  • Show the award on your blog

  • Quote these 5 rules and award icon in your post.


What does music mean to you ? 

Sometimes music is fun, when I’m at a party and we get to dance on it. Sometimes music is relaxing, when I just want some music in the background while cooking. Sometimes music is worship and sometimes music is work. And my musical answer will be THE WORK – Also this is part of my next blogging project, which will be to bring awareness to people about classical music. You’ll love it!

This is my favourite fugue:

What is your first music related memory?

I’m not sure if this is accurate, my childhood is pretty blurry. But maybe the church hymns we used to sing at church, of course. I remember the hymns were pretty much the same and so, so boring…nothing exciting…people weren’t excited about God there.

Not like this:

What’s the first album you purchased yourself?

Oh…I was in high-school and I had no money, but lucky for me, my teacher found some music online and gave me a CD with Michel Petrucciani:

What’s the latest music you’ve purchased?

It must be one of Carmen Lundy’s albums. I saw her at Bucharest Jazz Festival and we had the opportunity to purchase it.

Your guilty pleasures:

Well, this is awkward…my pleasures are quite innocent, but maybe enjoying some dance hits a little more than a music teacher, who knows better, should….maybe that could fit in this category :D. You should just get up and dance…I just did!


And these are the 5 nominees:

The King’s Oracle


Kay Morris Writes

Spiritual Journey 17

Planet Simon

If you have already done this award on your blog, I’m sorry I missed it.





4 thoughts on “Music & Words Award

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  1. Thank you for that, as you can imagine, nothing surprises me from you !!! Great choices and varied, enjoyed them all, looking forward to your classical section that you mentioned in the award, thank you for putting this together with your International Jazz week taking place as well, it is much appreciated………

    Liked by 1 person

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