TAKE FIVE – Day 27

Welcome! 3 more days to International Jazz Day!

Today we are listening to an awesome remake of Peter Gabriel’s song in the interpretation of one of the greatest contemporary jazz voices. Jazz musicians are just the best!

I hope you love it! ❤

Have a beautiful day! 😀

Jazz Day Blogging Event


You can check out all my TAKE FIVE jazz links here.

You can listen to the YouTube TAKE FIVE playlist here.

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5 thoughts on “TAKE FIVE – Day 27

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  1. For his music class, my sixth-grade son had to create a 5-6 song playlist. He chose jazz!! I referred him to your jazz playlist for inspiration. He loved Take 5 in earnest, but I’m not sure how much more deeply he got into it. Short attention span of a pre-teen and all. . .

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    1. Ooooh, I’m so honoured, I can’t believe he even liked it! 😀 My guess is that is ok for now, he doesn’t necessarily need to get it. Thanks for telling me…I gotta tell everyone now! 🙂


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