Jazz Appreciation Award

April is Jazz Appreciation Month.

I’ve been posting a jazz recommendation link every day of this month entitled “TAKE FIVE” – in reference to Paul Desmond’s composition and, also, as an invitation to take a jazz break, enjoy good music and celebrate awesome musicians.

In the beginning, this was my attempt to give myself an impulse to commit to posting on the blog every day. It wasn’t long before I realised that so many of my blogging friends are jazz fans and they actively enjoyed listening my daily suggestions. Needless to say, I made so many new friends and I’m so grateful and honoured to have reached so many awesome people through music.

My blogging community is not very large, so you can trust me when I say: I see you! I rejoiced seeing some of my blogging friends tuning in every day and including my jazz links into their daily routine and I was excited to see all the new faces that found my blog and appreciated my initiative. THANK YOU ALL!

April 30 is International Jazz Day. I am hosting a blogging event! I created a JAZZ APPRECIATION AWARD for this event with my few scrapping skills :D. My challenge has options, you can do one of them, you can do all of them, you choose.


You can also join the Facebook Event as a reminder.



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