Jazz Concert Etiquette

If you are considering attending a jazz concert, keep in mind these basic rules:

  • Even though the concert takes place in a social setting – bars, clubs, etc – make an effort and restrain yourself from talking during performances.
  • Turn off your phone, or at least put it on vibrate. Ideally you are not supposed to answer a call during a concert, use the breaks between songs to get out and call back if it’s important.
  • Wait until a song is over before getting up to use the restroom, it’s distracting for the musicians if people keep moving around and it’s disrespectful.
  • Applaud between songs and after each improvisation solo.
  • There is no specific dress code, wear something comfortable, but still decent.
  • Don’t disturb the musicians while performing or between songs. If you know them and want to say hello, wait until the end. If you don’t know them and you want to congratulate them on their performance, approach them after the concert and express your appreciation shortly.
  • If possible, put on a friendly face – not flirty, but not angry, annoyed or disgusted. Relax, enjoy and communicate that you’re having a good time through this.



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  1. Dear Ioana,

    Pretty interesting article and really a new thing to learn. The coming week in our webzines we will be dealing with on the topic like culture, mannerism and etiquette. I would like you to use this complete information on our site one day if you allow me to do so… I will definitely give you the credit by linking this article and your site address… Waiting for your reply.


    Regards, Chiradeep

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    1. Hi, Chiradeep! Thank you so much for appreciating my article, you may use it, no problem :D. It’s best if as many people as possible learn about this.


    1. 🙂 Thank you! I often find that people think it’s ok to chat when the concert is in a bar, just because it’s not opera…or something else where they should be quiet…but that’s not ok. Especially because at a jazz concert, the audience can be really close to the musicians…so disturbing.


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