TAKE FIVE – Day 18

Let’s take it slow today…let the magic work.

A new and creative interpretation of a well known song, made entirely by Jacob Collier, one of the young jazz sensations of the last couple of years. He is brilliant, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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You can listen to the YouTube TAKE FIVE playlist here.

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3 thoughts on “TAKE FIVE – Day 18

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  1. Good Morning ! Hope you enjoyed your week end, this really is a clever young man, I remember this as a an original by the Carpenters !! Many moons ago, however this version is quite something different, he is talented in many areas by the looks of things. I have some music myself this morning, posted under Music Award, I would love you to participate, please go over and take a look, Have a great day


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    1. Thank you, Brooke! I didn’t know about this award, I am definitely joining in as soon as I can! Just saved your link. And thank you for dropping by again, am glad you found Jacob interesting 😀


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