TAKE FIVE – Day 16

In two weeks from now, on April 30, we’re celebrating International jazz day!

International Jazz Day is the biggest Jazz Event in the world, with concerts or events in over 190 countries every year on April 30.

The celebration comes as a recognition of the strength of Jazz to unify people around the world. We are proud to announce that for the 5th Annual Jazz Day, our host city is Washington DC.

And in two weeks from now I will be hosting an International Jazz Day Blogging Event.


    Jazz Day Blogging Event
  • Check out the JAZZ DAY site to find the events in your country.
  • Follow the Facebook IJD Event to watch the broadcast.





As you can see, starting from today, I’m sporting a new cover on my TAKE FIVE posts, because I wanted my two weeks notice to have a meaningful impact.

I am so excited, I can’t explain…I love jazz, I love musicians, I love the communication and the drive and I live this every day because I’m surrounded by musicians, but I’m so glad there’s a day for all of us to celebrate together – I want to share this experience with everyone.

Today’s link is one of my favourite contemporary jazz fusion songs, I hope you like it!

Have a beautiful day!

P.S. This is a scheduled post, I am travelling this weekend, won’t be able to answer if you write, but I can’t wait to get back on Monday and see your thoughts.


You can check out all my TAKE FIVE jazz links here.

You can listen to the YouTube TAKE FIVE playlist here.

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2 thoughts on “TAKE FIVE – Day 16

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  1. Hi, My timing is more normal today, I have to say I think I need to train my ear a little more for this piece, Through the singing part, I am not sure which beat to follow the music or the voice, however the instrumental part I found easier and liked more………Hope your enjoying your get away week end


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, that’s odd, I would have never thought this piece could be a challenge…it’s a fusion jazz though…so this isn’t for everyone I guess, and that’s ok :). Thank you so much!

      Liked by 1 person

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