TAKE FIVE – Day 12

It’s a Tuesday kind of Jazz.

Thanks for dropping by and tuning in with me today. We are still celebrating Jazz Appreciation Month and awesome musicians everywhere.

This is one of my favourite jazz standards in the whole world and I know this specific interpretation by heart, I’ve been listening to it since I was in high-school…a long time ago.

Petrucciani…one of the good ones…how he manages to express more than words could <3.

Have a great day!


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3 thoughts on “TAKE FIVE – Day 12

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  1. This is truly a beautiful piece, I get later everyday, so I thought this certainly deserved Tea, Earl Grey, in china teacup feet up and to enjoy all 6.01 mins, this could well be my favourite up to know, but we still have a long way to go, before the end of April
    When you close your eyes to this, the imagination conjures up the beautiful universe we live in!

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