Brooke is sharing about her favourite jazz singer, Billie Holiday!

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The great Billie Holiday Image of Billie Holiday

“Billie Holiday, One of the best jazz singers of all time”

Billie Holiday was born, Eleanor Fagan on April 7th 1915  in Philadephia and sadly died July 17th 1959 at the age of  44 years old. Billie Holiday as a child, had a some what unstable and very troubled childhood.

During her difficult early years, she found her love for music, singing along to Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong. She followed her mother to New York in the late 1920’s, she worked in a house of prostitution in Harlem. Around 1930 she began to sing in local clubs and took the name “Billie” which she took from the film star Billie Dove. While performing in a Harlem Jazz Club at the age of 18, she was discovered by producer John Hammond, he organized her get together with a then up and coming clarinetist named Benny Goodman…

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High School Jazz Band

Meet Niki! She is a music teacher in New York and she’s sharing her journey with jazz!

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A Texan's View of Upstate New York


When I was in high school I played saxophone. I started at the end of my 8th grade year so that I would have something to march with come high school. It’s a bit hard to march with a bassoon.

Every year, both semesters, there would be a jazz band. A few alto saxophones, a tenor sax or 2, a bari sax, about 4 trombones, the same for trumpets, and a drum set, keyboard player, and a guitar to 2. One year there was a tuba doing trombone parts and another year a clarinet player doing tenor sax parts.

So, my freshman year I decided to join, because I already loved jazz music, so why not enjoy playing it as well? I played all 4 years of high school. The first 2 years I played on alto, which is also what I did marching band with. But the second 2…

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Jazz Day Celebration

Join the International Jazz Day Blogging Event! April 30 - May 7 Today is International Jazz Day! My daily Jazz Appreciation Month TAKE FIVE jazz breaks have come to an end. You can find all my TAKE FIVE posts HERE and you can listen to the entire Youtube playlist HERE. We went through so many different styles … Continue reading Jazz Day Celebration