Women Leaders in the Church

When Jesus gave His life up on the cross, He became sin for us and thus destroyed the curse that was propagated against us (including the curse that caused husbands to rule wives) in the Garden of Eden. But 2000 years later, much of the Church still has only applied God’s redemption to one gender and relegated women to the ball and chain of the Garden tragedy.

I just wanted to share with you a link of an article written by Kris Vallotton, from Bethel Church, with this topic. It is shared on Lisa Bevere’s site: Women Leaders in the Church.

Lisa Bevere – The Terminator reference 🙂 – Who you might be.

P.S.: Both Lisa and Kris have published books about the role of the woman in church: Girls with Swords – Lisa Bevere, Fashioned to Reign – Kris Vallotton. I haven’t read them yet, but I bet they’re awesome! If you can purchase them easier than I can, do it!


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