This is not about me. My friends know better than to take advantage of me just because we’re friends.

Let’s establish a few things:

  1. MUSIC IS MY JOB – it’s my only income. It pays rent, bills, food and supports my family.
  2. MUSIC IS MY BUSINESS – it covers supplies, instruments, devices, transportation, etc.
  3. MUSIC IS MY LIFE – concerts, rehearsals and recordings happen everyday, any day, any hour, weekends and nights included. You’re glad the weekend is here? Musicians aren’t.
  4. Even if it’s not the case for all the musicians out there, I’m still including this one: I HAVE STUDIED MUSIC ALL MY LIFE – for as long as I can write and read, I have been studying music. How long have you studied for the job you have?

Don’t be that guy/gal. Support your friend’s business and pay for their services, repay their effort and time, honour their work and their devotion, and spread the word!

That’s what a friend does!


6 thoughts on “SUPPORT MUSICIANS

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  1. My oldest son is a Berklee Grad, one reason I have followed your page. It’s critically important that we support the arts. Thank you for reminding people.


    1. Thank you! Unfortunately, I’m not sure the message is reaching the people who need reminding :D, but at least we’re supporting each other.


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