Be That Voice!

I sit next to my student in one corner of the piano. She already knows by heart the musical piece she’s about to play and I’ve been by her side through every single stumbling passage and just by looking at the score I can predict where she might face difficulties again.

I don’t do anything. I am just the voice. She has to do everything and she’s grown enough to know when she makes a mistake, so she’s not waiting for my intervention. She stops and she says “I’ll take it from the top!“. She plays again and she plays it perfectly and I’m cheering her and she loves it. It’s just me cheering, but somehow, that’s the only confirmation she needs.

Someday she’ll make mistakes on such easy passages, where she never had trouble before, but she knows she can turn to me, I’ll explain why she’s facing that problem and I can either show her how to fix it or describe the solution, but in the end, she has to solve it herself.Β 

Everybody needs a voice to guide, to correct and to cheer. Be that voice!

I love to teach girls about strength, about independence and about discernment.



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  1. A child needs to learn that there are things that they should do alone and teachers shouldn’t be spoon-feeding them all the time.
    You’re a cool teacher, nice post 😊

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