That’s All

I can only give you love that lasts forever

And a promise to be near each time you call

And the only heart I own

For you and you alone

That’s all, that’s all.

I absolutely adore this jazz standard!

You might already know how important I believe the message of the lyrics can be and this one is as simple as it can get.

Here you have a link I uploaded of a rehearsal with one of my students singing this jazz standard. Don’t judge it too harsh, it’s the second time she’s tried singing with the accompaniment and she needed help from time to time.

Now I already know I am awesome and there aren’t many teachers who do what I do, but how awesome is she?


8 thoughts on “That’s All

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  1. My husband and I loved listening to this, he is a music teacher as well… a rookie music teacher 🙂 We are both enjoying reading your blog, and looking at your photos.

    My husband says the following: “I see on your profile that you are a song writer. Would you be wiling to allow one of my classes to sing one of your songs? I teach kindergarten to grade six, but we are novices.”


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    1. Thank you! 😀 So honoured. Yes, I am both a composer and a songwriter and I have songs for kindergarten children on almost all the themes possible. I can send you one if you want a specific theme. I also have some jazz songs written but those are a little too hard even for adults. So give me details and I will contact you :).


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