On Display

Since I quit my job I have collected a few types of experiences. New, enlightening, frustrating and awkward experiences.

Before I go on and display them, please keep in mind that before I sent my resume I had already created for myself a list of what I was gonna do and who I want to work with, and I was being quite specific in my introduction e-mail…or so I thought.

THE ROOKIE – I show up for my interview, she wants to look professional and in control, blue_dollbut she hasn’t read my resume at all, had no idea what I wrote in the e-mail I sent – my five pages resume says I have 7 years experience teaching in diverse contexts with specific details about responsibilities and activity – first question she asks: “So, have you ever taught before?”

THE DIVA 99d5165c84ddaa2f32da74e18600d54b– She’s a teacher, but starting her own business. Meets with me casually, before actually seeing my resume, just to brag about their project. More than obvious that she’s about the same age as me, but decides to assume I didn’t even finish college yet. I make a joke, saying I’m flattered by the assumption that I seem as young as a student and I tell her what I studied and my teaching experience. The surprise on her face tells me she figured I’m more qualified than her and I guess she wants to be better than her staff at everything, cause I never heard back.

THE CREEP – He is a VIP head hunter, well connected, wellTheCreep known, so unprofessional! The first e-mail reply I got from him was exactly this: “I got your resume. We’ll see…” (whaaaat?). Coincidentally, I former college mate has an interview with him way before I was called for one and she tells me how she wanted to shake his hand when they met, but he awkwardly avoided the shake by handing her a business card??? Well, between his call and the actual interview, his assistant calls to reschedule the interview – a two weeks delay. In these two weeks I get a better offer and I decide to take it. I write him to cancel the interview and let him know I have already accepted a different offer and this is his reply: “Meeting me would have been useful to you in many other ways, not just to obtain this job, but it’s gonna take a long time before you realise that…”. Forgive me, but WTF???



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  1. The Dive made a big mistake, I was always told “surround yourself with people better than yourself” they don’t have to know, but imagine what a team they would have !! Some people don’t see talent even when it’s right under their nose, as for the other guy………who was it, Oh forgotten him already !!!!

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    1. I know what you mean, that’s exactly my professional mantra – you have to work beside people who are better so you can learn and be better yourself…so it’s fine, I probably wouldn’t have had anything to learn from the diva :)).


  2. Looking for a job is hard, but you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. I feel embarrassed for people who don’t prep before interviews. They clearly need to work on their own professional development! Keep at it and you will find the right fit.

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