Don’t You Worry Bout a Thing


If you win it there, you win it everywhere. There is actual scientific proof that worrying about something is not going to change anything about it. It will definitely change you – constantly worrying, expecting things to change and nothing happens – you just get bitter and disappointed and angry.

I’m no expert, but if this is true, the reverse should be also – if you don’t worry, if you don’t complain, if you don’t have expectations, things still might not change but you will, in the opposite direction – you get happy and satisfied and joyful.

And once you realise things don’t have to go your way for you to be happy, then you can act on that change you’ve been waiting for.

Don’t act on it with a worried mind, act on it with a happy mind. Changing your mind is going to change the way that circumstances hit you and the way you make decisions.



10 thoughts on “Don’t You Worry Bout a Thing

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  1. Hi, Under the Law of Attraction, what is most in your mind (worry) will bring it right to your doorstep, what we think is what we create, and with emotion from the heart, even quicker, but this does work in reverse as you say, so the right things apper also…………..

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  2. Worrying is a hard habit to break, but it serves no purpose. If you are worrying about something you can’t change, it’s better to accept it and let it go. If you are worrying about something you can change, for me, the best way is to treat it like a problem and tackle it with possible solutions. Worrying simply distracts you and zaps your energy and it solves nothing.

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    1. Thanks, Jamie! I also have a post about the Frozen “Let It Go” :))) Seems like there’s some sort of theme going on in my head 😉 I’ll get it right one of these days 😀

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  3. By worrying about a certain something, we are actually placing energy there and causing it to come to pass. If we don’t worry, perhaps other things will happen.
    However, if we really want to get out from in front of the 8 ball and put the horse before the cart, we have to begin to realize that relating to life in certain ways creates certain outcomes. Once we figure these out, the reasons to worry simply melt away.

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