Mother Knows Best

AS ANY MOM, MY MOM IS NOT ONE TO EASILY LET GO and she can be very loud about it too. And yes, I may have inherited the loud part from her, but that’s not the point. 🙂

She has been tracking my steps so closely and soooo closely, that sometimes I’d choose to leave some information out so I don’t have to hear her many, many, shrill opinions. And it almost always seemed like she doesn’t approve of any of my choices in life.

She is the one who calls me every time there’s murder or a suicide on the news and needs to be reassured I am not planning any of those.

She wasn’t thrilled when I went to college, because it meant being, and eventually settling, far from her. She wasn’t content with my friends or with my belief. Our weekly conversations are about my work, about the fact that I ate or not that day, and what exactly I ate: if it’s a vegetarian meal – “You know you can’t eat just vegetables, you need protein, that’s why you’re anaemic!”; if it’s a stake meal – “Be careful with these meats in the market, you never know what they contain!”; if I didn’t eat…well that’s just reckless, I am toying with my health.

Once when I was visiting from college with some classmates, she put lice shampoo in all my cleaning products: in my shampoo, in my shower gel and in my face cleaning gel, just because she was experiencing the “itchy” phase and wanted to make sure I didn’t catch it. Can I get an Amen? No. My mom is quite unique.

I am almost 30, I quit my job, I have a big unreachable dream and my mom finally decided she is proud of me!


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    1. Well, yeah, because up until now, when she didn’t approve of anything, at least everything else was going according to plan. Now everything is loose and unpredictable, if she wasn’t supportive, I’d have the feeling that really nothing is going right :), now I can say, at least one thing is going right!

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  1. Hi there, unreachable dream, what is this ? No dream is unreachable, you are following your super possible dream, (you are not allowed to use the word unreachable ) ja ja, I am so pleased that your Mother is proud of you, you deserve that for the steps of courage you have taken, so ring your mama and just say multuhesc mult !!!!


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    1. :))) Utopia indeed! You are right, but I’ll still be sliding from “My dream is awesome, I’m doing it! :D” to “Nothing is happening!!! :(” every now and then. But most of the times, my dream will seem unreachable for Mom…she doesn’t know me like I do, apparently. Dar multumesc mult! 😉


  2. Not sure whether to laugh or cry. Anyway, as a show of support, there is enough protein in veggie fare to fuel the normal human, especially in green leafys and plain old beans.
    I find when parents are controlling like this, that we need a little distance. Sure, we always love them, and they will always be our parents, but we will never be ourselves until we are just that.

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    1. I’ve cried enough over it, now we can laugh :D. That’s what I keep telling her about vegetables, but she sticks to her stories. And yes, I fought long and hard but I earned my freedom, it seems. Thank you! It’s nice to feel supported.

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      1. I’ve been through plenty of this myself, so there is utmost respect for your freedom. I’m glad you found it. 🙂

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