Cheque, please!


They’re not worried about rent, they’re not worried about money, they’re not worried about “things” that cost money. Some work hard for that comfort, some don’t. But they all get to enjoy at least one care free, exotic holiday every year.

I’d like that! Can I please have two weeks in a peaceful and expensive resort by the ocean, no worries on the side?cf54fd2e552f090b422f5531c114817a

Working hard doesn’t get me anywhere…and I see the workers on the constructions sites. They work harder than what I consider hard work and still don’t get to enjoy none of those privileges.

Somehow working hard manages to keep you away from your family longer than you’d want, it manages to affect your health, it keeps you from enjoying most of your days, it changes your life, it changes your purpose and a quiet weekend in your pyjamas is the only getaway you can afford.

Think about it!

Pace Oddity


11 thoughts on “Cheque, please!

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  1. I would choose a simple life for more time with my loves ones- any day. Working so hard that it does not give you time with the people who matter the most is not worth it. I am hoping to be able to scale down enough to do spend more time with people who truly matter.

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  2. Your post is spot on. At one point, I had money, but the pressure of the job put me in the hospital, and I never saw my daughter or my husband. The day I was released because I couldn’t keep up with sales goals was the happiest day of my life! Time is precious, and money can’t buy that, right? 🙂

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    1. I KNOW, RIGHT?! Thank you! It’s not ideal having to choose between the financial comfort and your personal happiness, but I learned to choose happiness every time.

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  3. I know we technically can’t ‘afford’ to do the things we do once or twice a year, but somehow I make it work by the skin of my teeth every time. My thoughts are these-my kids are only kids ONCE and I’ll be damned if I’m going to lose out on experiences with them because of money. I work hard, yes, but balance is key and so very hard to find I know. You’ll get there, I promise! Focus on it and it will find its way to you…

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    1. I used to live it. I gave it all up when I quit my job. Life is different when you get to spend it only with people you love, even if it’s just to share pyjama weekends 😉


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